ITH Hot Doxie

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ITH Dachshund Plushy Toy Embroidery Design for use with an embroidery machine.

Make this adorable jointed Dachshund plushy with your embroidery machine! Pictures shown are of a Dachshund made in a 5x7 hoop! He is so adorable in his little coat and collar! You can almost see his little tail wag and feel his wet little kisses! Make him your own! What color will he be? Will he have a coat for every holiday? He is sure to make any dog lover delighted!

Design includes file for Dachshund, his coat, collar and hotdog bun bed! Dachshund parts are made in one hooping, stuffed, openings hand sewn closed and attached together by either hand sewing or easy button joints! Coat and collar made together in one hooping. Hotdog bun bed also made in one easy hooping! 


ITH Dachshund  Plushy Toy Embroidery Design file types:


Comes in 4 sizes for 5x7, 6x10, 8x12, and 9x14 sized hoops in the following flies:
If you need this in a file or size not listed contact me!

Remember that is is NOT a patch. This is a digital file for use with an embroidery machine. You must have a method of transferring this design to your machine. Because this is a digital file for instant download all sales are final. If you have an issue with this design please contact me. I strive for happy customers!

You may sell any items you make with this design! You may NOT claim this design as your own, alter this design and sell as your own or sell or give away  the embroidery file. All files are copyrighted by Snuggle Puppy Design.